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Felix has been a fundamental pillar for the foundation of my new agency. His talent, his deep experience in creative agencies and his set of methodological tools made possible for me to find the most difficult answers in a natural – almost magical way – when defining the direction of SlickRed.”

Nicolás García Boccia, SlickRed, Paraguay

The Greatest Investment I’ve Ever Made
I’ll be honest. I’ve been fucking around with Entrepreneurship for far too long and not getting anywhwere. I’ve been working in businesses but not on them. I’ve been thinking I was getting somewhere and the reality is that I wasn’t doing anything at all. If this resonates with you, read on.

So long-story-short I made a decision to pay for a consultant. His name was Felix Velarde and you should be so lucky to meet your own Felix.

I had never thought of hiring someone but when this particular opportunity was presented to me, I decided to take the leap. And that leap changed my life forever. Sure, I could read a dozen books, give myself a pep talk or two, and do all of the things I was doing before, but it would not even measure up to the lessons I learned working with Felix.

In the course of a day (a very long day might I add), we covered strategy, execution, USP, services, differentiation, lead generation, selling, and a whole hell of a lot of great lessons learned. I walked away with more than I ever got getting my MBA.

Based on my own experience, as I just learned, find someone in your industry that has proven experience, does consulting work, and is willing to spend time with you no matter what stage of business you are in. You will pay for this time and you should.

That said, you will never regret it. It will be the day your life changes. In my case, Felix gave me the tools and now I have to take those tools and do the work

That’s on me.

I felt that I got quadruple the value, and without even knowing it, he gave me life lessons that I simply could not get anywhere else. I will forever remember what we did that day as the day that my entrepreneurial ass got busy doing what it needs to do in order to get where I need to be.

I share this because it was an experience that worked out really well. I share it because I feel that there are probably other folks out there who are on similar paths but keep getting stuck. Stop fucking around and hire a consultant. Do your homework first and then move forward. Don’t think about it. Oh and put your ego aside — you don’t know everything.

If you are in the digital marketing/digital agency space, then please do yourself a favor and work with Felix (right now). I’m not saying that because I have to or was asked, I’m saying it because it was that valuable and that impactful.

Lesson learned: I took the leap one day to fly south to Los Angeles and work with a consultant. For me, it was transformative. I truly believe that whatever stage of business you are in (new, growth, M&A) then you should do what I did at least once.”

Shane Ketterman, Rewire Digital, Oregon

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Felix is an extremely smart individual with a lot of experience – as a highly valued advisor to our board he is brilliant at getting management to focus on what really matters – and getting us to let go of things that are not contributing to our strategic aims.”

Fred Moore, COO, Matter Of Form

I would happily have paid double for the consultancy Felix gave us, he taught us things that we didn’t know we didn’t know.”

Andy Beaumont, Founder, Hactar

Felix is an intelligent, experienced agency guru who’s also a lot of fun to work with. His no-nonsense approach breaks down complexity and keeps you focused on the things that really matter. He turns theory into reality and puts strategy into practice. The results speak for themselves!”

Claire Nash, MomentumABM

Felix is an extremely smart agency leader. As a veteran of the industry there’s not much he’s not seen in digital and direct marketing. I’d say Felix is the man to speak to if you are interested in building and maintaining profitable customer relationships.”

Steve Antoniewicz, Managing Director, Recommended Agency Register (RAR)

Felix brings a thoughtful, focused, rounded but cutting edge intellect to our business. He combines deep experience of agency know-how, client acquisition and servicing with cultured considered strategic thinking – a powerful driver and motivator.”

Bryan Wilsher, CFO

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