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Felix Velarde, agency chairman and agency non-executive director

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Hello, I’m Felix Velarde. Twenty-four years ago by happy chance I started one of the first web design companies. Since then I’ve enjoyed a career as an innovator, industry leader and founder of several digital creative and strategy agencies, including the pioneering eCRM firm Underwired and The Conversation Group. I was also an Adjunct Professor at Hult International Business School (MBA and Masters). You can read more about the things I’ve been involved with on LinkedIn.

I’m on the central organising team of People-Centered Internet, which is chaired by Vint Cerf (co-inventor and architect of the Internet) and led by CRM’s co-inventor Mei Lin Fung.

As well as working with agency founders, I’m also a Non-Executive Director, Chairman, consultant and mentor to agency owners and leadership teams in London and California. A separate website covers my board management and consulting work, which focuses on rapid profit growth and agency scaling, maximising sale value, and M&A – including negotiation strategies and strategic due diligence. I usually triple my clients revenue in two years.

Outside of work I’m a qualified glider pilot, adventure-lover and Burner.

Happy to arrange coffee and a chat: contact me at [email protected].

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